Saturday, June 17, 2006


I've always been intrigued with the final resting place of Bela Lugosi. I guess it's because Dracula is only supposed to be at rest during the daytime hours and never for eternity in some celebrity graveyard. But that's where you can find Dracula alright - right at Holy Cross cemetery in Culver City, CA. The final resting place of actor Bela Lugosi (1884-1956), famous as Hollywood's "Count Dracula," is located just five spaces to the right (east) of Bing Crosby's grave: four rows back (south) from the grotto, and about 15 graves from the western edge, between markers #126 & #127. And it was here that I dared to disturb the soil of Dracula's grave!

Now before you go and call the authorities on me, be advised that I didn't visit Bela's grave with a spade shovel and wheelbarrow. No, I was very respectful of the hallowed ground of which I walked. I simply, and very delicately I might add, scooped up some Dracula dirt with my own two hands. There were no digging utensils involved. Only a small Ziplock sandwich bag was brought along to export the dirt off site. Again, please allow me to remind you that we're only talking about a couple handfuls of dirt here and not cubic yards. I brought home with me just enough Dracula dirt so that I might sleep amongst the eternal vampires here at Castle Famous. Please do not disturb! The Famous Monster of Minneapolis is finally at rest - in/and with - his authentic Dracula dirt straight from Dracula's grave!

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Anonymous Smurfwreck said...

My fiancee would kill me, K-I-L-L kill me if I did that. She can barely make eye contact with my life sized rubber severed head.

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