Saturday, June 17, 2006


I just love it when pop-culture meets pop-culture. The above video is a prime example of just how cool it can be when worlds collide. This video was something I composed and then uploaded over at YouTube to illustrate this point.

The following footage was taken from the 1960's television program The Munsters. This first season episode was named "Rock-A-Bye Munster" and originally broadcast back on 10-15-1964. The story line, like all Munsters episodes, is moronic yet endearing. When Herman eaves-drops on Lily and overhears her tell Marilyn that Eddie is going to have a little playmate soon, he assumes that Lily is going to have a baby. Herman then mistakenly believes that Eddie's new Frankenstein robot (made by the Marx Toy Corporation back in 1964) is that new baby!

The 1st Season Munsters Box Set = $39.99
1964 Marx Frankenstein Robot MIB = $8,000.00
Herman Munster playing with the Marx Frankenstein robot = PRICELESS!!

(videos here are in FLASH format, so make sure you have that enabled to see them)


Blogger IL said...

Hey this site is terrific!. I love it. More please!

2:29 AM  
Blogger Famous Monster of Mpls said...

Thanks ILoz Zoc! Make that double thanks! Now I that know of Zombos Closet Of Horror, I will certainly be wanting more myself!

10:05 AM  

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