Monday, June 19, 2006


There's something about old postcards that warms my heart. Mix that "something" with old classic monsters and my heart really begins to boil. BTW, I could see myself collecting vintage postcards someday when I'm old and can no longer travel to real live actual destinations. This way I could just collect a virtual travel itinerary of all the destinations I've been to or should have went to. And these "paper destinations" would all take place in the desired years of my heart - 1960's thru the 1970's. But I digress, I'm only 43 yrs old and can still travel yet alone walk and control my own bowel movements - most of the time anyways.

Let's get to these monster postcards. Both of these cards are from Universal Studios and are dated 1967. Both cards also claim to picture studio lab sets taken from the 1960s Munsters television series. I'm not convinced.

On this first card - I absolutely love this woman's hairstyle including her arrogance. She storms right on to the Munster's lab set and begins picking things up. What a rude bitch. Why the Phantom ought to drag her ass back to Stage 28 and teach her a lesson in manners. PLEASE DON'T TOUCH THE DISPLAY LADY! The text on the back of this card reads "Visitor starts to brew a potion under the Phantom's direction in the Munsters' lab at Universal City Studios". The reference number on the bottom of the card reads 225551-C.

This next card features the Phantom restraining the Frankenstein monster who just happens to look like a Herman Munster dummy. Maybe this is on the actual set of the Munsters? I believe the Phantom is donning a 1960's Don Post Phantom mask. The Phantom has always been a "second rate monster" in my opinion and this picture proves why. Instead of accosting the woman with the silly hairstyle who likes to touch things that don't belong to her, the Phantom spends his time tormenting the Frankenstein monster. The Phantom is all mixed up in his priorities. Go after the girl Erik and leave Herman to Lily! This is why the Phantom must take a back seat to all the other classic monsters. His scare-skills are all wrong. Or is it that Erik doesn't like girls? I'll leave that alone and let you the reader decide. The text on the back of this card reads "The Phantom meets Frankenstein in the Munsters' lab at Universal City Studios". The reference number on the bottom of the card reads 225550-C.

Does anyone out there have any other postcards in this series? If so, please send them to me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was the first meeting of Herman and the Phantom. Later, the Munsters met up with him in THE MUNSTERS' REVENGE.

Hey, Famous Monster, can we see a pic of Uncle Gilbert on your blog?

Max the drunken severed head

8:03 PM  

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