Monday, March 19, 2007


"I am afraid, Sandor. The cravings within compel me to be the very thing I loathe. The power of the vampire is too strong to resist."

"You cannot deny who you are or what you are, Countess. Your father's blood flows through your veins. Surrender your inhibitions to your supernatural desires."

Reluctantly accepting her fate as the Daughter of Dracula, Countess Zaleska lets slip the cloak to reveal her seductive form to the night wind ...

ed - text provided by Richard Olson. Picture provided by ? Okay, it was done by Richard too. Not sure if he wanted this to be revealed or not, but what the heck .. he revealed Gloria Holden didn't he? All the monster kid men salute you Richard! You devil you!


Blogger Davelandweb said...

That is hilarious! What a great photoshop job. I remember suffering through Dracula's Daughter many moons ago. Poor Gloria is right...

8:06 PM  

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