Friday, August 18, 2006


Talking Monster from Outer Space

Wanted - one 48" Talking Monster from Outer Space. I'll even take him if he doesn't talk. Does this thing really exist? And what do you think a kid would have received back then upon ordering such a monstrosity? I'm pretty sure that two thirds of it were made up of nothing more than plastic sheeting and a piece of string. I wonder how many kids took advantage of the money back guarantee? Still, I would someday like to meet a 48" talking monster from outer space. The closest I've come is in meeting Raymond Castile, but he's from St. Louis.


Anonymous Mike said...

"Colorful, One-Piece Quality Latex", eh? Sounds like a balloon, to me! LOL

"To make him talk, just use the special design instrument." No doubt he only talks when you do. Maybe one of those "throw your voice" gizmos?

Fun old ad, though!

7:25 AM  

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