Saturday, July 29, 2006


There are times when independent creativity and imagination, along with brilliant execution, bring about results that rival even that of yesterday's corporate toys. The "Hasbro" Bride Of Frankenstein board game is a prime example of this incredible kind of ingenuity! I am blessed to own one of these games and let me tell you "it doesn't get any better than this"!

What you are seeing here is NOT a real Hasbro board game from the 1960s, but what I feel to be the best contemporary independently created (fan produced) monster premium to date - hands down! You may recall that Hasbro did indeed create monster themed board games back in the 1960s with games featuring such monsters as Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man, Creature, Phantom, and even Mummy - but no Bride game - until now that is.

Created in 2003 as an Old Dark Clubhouse premium, this board game was a collaborative effort between Tim Keegan and Kerry Gammill. I'm sure there were other folks involved with this project as well, but I'm not sure as to whom and to what degree, so forgive me if I'm leaving out some pertinent information here. Maybe someone out there can enlighten me? Anyways, Kerry Gammill, who is very accomplished artist, provided the stunning artwork for this game. Kerry's talents are endless; providing artwork for both Marvel and DC comics. Tim Keegan spear-headed the project in providing the necessary production values such as the printing of the game itself and the actual assembly of the game. Each game was hand-crafted by Tim. To the best of my knowledge there are less than twenty games in existence (to date).

The contents of this game are as incredible as the game cover itself. Every aspect of the original 1960 games was faithfully reproduced here. The graphics on the game's markers, the spinner, and even the instruction sheet are consistent with how the original 1960s games appeared! It's almost frightening just how close they really are to their original counterparts!

Even the neat-looking Hasbro logo of the smiling kid is accurately pictured here on the game's side panel. Please note; this game is for ages 8 - 15 yrs only! Players 30 years of age and up should seek psychiatric attention.

No matter what certain collectors may think of "fantasy toys", there's no denying that this incredible board game is more than worthy to stand among the rest! Let's play!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh lordy, I *SO* COVET THIS game, and a chance toplay it with monster friends like Terry, Richard, Ray, Rob, Robert and Paul! (And many others.)

Max the astounded severed head

1:30 AM  

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