Sunday, July 02, 2006


During the Monster Bash convention, Raymond Castile whipped out his iPod and allowed me to snoop through his mp3 catalog. There among a hundred different titles was the whacked out song "Dragula" by Rob Zombie. I had forgotten just how cool the video for this song was. It's easy to understand why this video is so cool when you understand that Rob Zombie is actually one of us - a die-hard monster kid enthusiast and film aficionado. There is however one minor difference between us - he's a millionaire and I'm not. Nonetheless, it's because of his affection for the horror genre that this video came off so effectively.

This gem was released back in 1998 and features all the necessary ingredients for a mandatory monster music video mixed with maniacal mayhem. See Rob Zombie drive the Munster Koach with goofy-looking devil passengers! See innocent children sitting alongside clowns watching atomic mushroom clouds pass by! See go-go dancers (Rob Zombie's girlfriend Sheri Moon) shake their stuff to the sounds of Dragula! This 1998 song is still the definitive monster metal song of all time! Turn it up!

(videos here are in FLASH format, so make sure you have that enabled to see them)


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