Monday, August 28, 2006


Well ... what do we have here? Why it's just an old picture of two cute little girls in the year 1967. Wait a minute! Those are not cute little girls at all! They're cute little boys impersonating cute little girls! This is fraudulent and disgusting! Why would any kid's mother encourage such a thing? And then take a picture to top it all off? Where was the Child Protection Agency back then when you needed them the most?

Oh well .. not to worry. My brother and I both grew up unscathed from such a traumatic and exploitive Kodak moment. We both are very much burly men with high levels of testosterone that seeks out high levels of estrogen from our spouses. I did however, later on in my adult life, go on to bigger and better things while wearing women's attire. I was a lead vocalist in a band that used to ... never mind. I'll save that for another post on a different day.

BTW, that's me on the right holding up my dress. My brother Todd is on the left.


Blogger Allen said...

Wow, Terry!
No one knows horror like you do!

Glad you turned out okay! wink-wink

9:45 AM  

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